There are a few things I want to share here – some stuff about me (naturally), how I started in my career, and about the site and it’s purpose.

About Me (Professionally)

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How I Started My Career

As I grew up I found I had a knack for all things technical – computers, programming, gadgets, and technology.

I decided to go to college for Computer Science and while attending I had a family friend who gave me my first “career” job – in IT.  I knew it was a chance to make a statement as many companies champion “experience necessary” and I was knowledgeable, but had no experience on my resume.  So, I poured myself into learning as much as I could and applying myself.  This was 1995, and the Internet was growing in popularity.

While in the IT department I took on a new challenge – web development – in the form of an Intranet. Developing the Intranet and the experience gained, I was recruited internally to a growing web team and flexed my programming background with the blossoming Internet.

I was later recruited by the founders of a regional online news site for north Georgia.  After 1 year in development, 13 separate news agencies were entering news online via a custom programmed administration panel and aggregating news for site visitors.

In 2000, I became a founder of Red Clay Interactive, left in 2005 to pursue private consulting. Private consulting strengthened my diverse background of programming and IT with new skills including marketing, project management, analytics, and business intelligence – and how it all ties together. I started Venn Marketing in 2017 to help companies grow their small business with internet marketing.

I returned to Red Clay Interactive again in 2007, and have transitioned from programmer, to project manager, to marketing strategist, to Analytics Director.

This Site’s Purpose

I personally believe that people who are passionate about their career and direction will succeed – they sometimes need a helping hand along the way, just as I did. I enjoy helping others learn throughout their career.

I find that I enjoy teaching and sharing what I’ve learned, as well as collaborating and discussing technology and the Internet.  I want to give back some of the knowledge that I’ve attained and acquired, and hopefully connect with others that share the same passion for learning and growing.

I hope you find this site to be useful.