Google Analytics Consulting

Collecting Data Is Easy, Analyzing Data Is The Challenge

Google Analytics is a robust tool for monitoring and tracking users on your site – but are you getting the most value from it? Does it power your decision making and assist with your business goals?

Add Insight And Purpose To Your Analytics

Insight comes from looking beyond the tables and charts, to interpreting the data and finding the details and purpose beyond just “running a report”. As a Google Analytics IQ Certified consultant, my ongoing program includes:

Strategy & Goals

Working with your organization to create a measurement strategy that identifies what drives your site’s purpose (brand awareness, qualified leads, online sales) and creating a tailored execution plan.

Setup & Deployment

A basic install of Google Analytics rarely provides enough data for business decisions and is susceptible to Google Analytics spamming, or deployment errors that can poison critical data.

Identify Missed Opportunities & Leaks

Understanding how visitors interact with your site is critical to improving it. Recommendations such usability enhancements and behavior flow can be included.  No need to be a middleman either – these recommendations can integrate directly with your development team to eliminate missed conversion opportunities.

Better Decisions

With ongoing reporting and monitoring, new opportunities can be revealed, and accurate data can be provided via custom reporting.

Get A 10 Point Inspection Grade

It’s time to have confidence in your internet marketing and web development decisions.

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